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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  August 10, 2016 7:00am-10:01am PDT

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joining us. >> it's wednesday, august tenth. rob and winston watching a tough morning commute. >> yes, outs going on in the south bay. the first incident is an overturn crash that working for about an hour in south san jose. now north 101 before coyote creek drive. and an overturned vehicle blocking the two left lanes. no estimates from chp just yet. atrophic alert is issued for this, and it's backed up well beyond tenant. it at least 45 minutes to get from morgan hill to the guadalupe bay parkway. consider using old monterey road. the second incident is in motorcycle accident at mckie. we do have emergency crews on the scene and you can see that it's jammed up here, north 101 between the 680 and the 280 split eared it's not the whole stretch that jammed up but two separate problems, and enough slowing to make sure that you
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lead early. from 85 to 237 it will be about 25 minutes for that northbound trip. more traffic to talk about and i will check in on the bridges coming up in my next report. >> let's check in on one of them, the golden gate bridge with continued overcast skies and dealing with fog this morning. 64 oakland, 64 hayward and even concord. that means the overnight lows will be climbing with this warm- up. comparison 224 hours ago, closer to striking range. attack cooler in san jose by about 2 degrees. in oakland, lower 70s we go with patchy morning fog. our breakdown puts us at 73 or so by 11:00 a.m. and by 3:00 we are talking about mid- and upper 80's. some areas may wink at the 90's or so for today but the bigger
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warm-up is coming this weekend. our breaking news story that we've been following live, tenths moments as a slow speed chase in the east bay comes when end. this happened throughout several highways and west oakland this morning. the driver was arrested near tunnel road and pay force drive. chase lasted over three hours. it started in menlo park when police tried to pull over a suspected dui driver, and that driver leading police over the san mateo bridge, and around oakland the driver is now in custody. we first told you about the story this morning. if you have the mobile app, it was 5.1 magnitude hitting just before a in ukiah.
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this is on the western side of clearlake, and you can see a giant crack running around the perimeter of the pool. and across the lake in lucerne, emir fell in one house and broke about 15 miles from the earthquake's epicenter. people in the area say the earthquake took them by surprise. >> we were kind of just parked there and my wife asked me what i was doing in the truck, and i wasn't doing anything. but the whole truck was wiggling and the glass of water in the truck was wobbling around. >> too small aftershocks of magnitudes too .7 and 3.0 were filled about two minutes after the initial quake. under certain conditions that magnitude of quake is capable of causing significant damage but there was only minor damage with this one as the earthquake was fairly deep.
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don't forget, kron4 has you covered when it comes to earthquakes. we have a special section on our website with an interactive map. we also have tips on how to earthquake proof your home. all of that is available at >> firefighters on the front lines, there are several wildfires burning across the area. one home was destroyed in the largest of the fires which is being called the kugel men fire. containment is just at 20% right now. another fire is the knoxville fire which is burning near lake berryessa and knoxville road. that has burned 25 acres. and a third fire broke out your secret canyon road near canyon 29. that's burned for acres, containment at 50% right now. evacuations were ordered for those in the clear lake area but those were lifted last night. >> firefighters almost fully
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contained a fire burning in you'll yolo county. it's the cold fire, and it started last tuesday off of highway 128 just west of winters. the fire has burned nearly nine square miles and destroyed two outbuildings. no buildings currently threatened this morning and the cause of the fire is still under investigation. meanwhile firefighters are still trying to get the upper hand on the massive so puranas fire. it's about 50% contained. in all, 410 buildings are still threatened and one person has died. three others have been injured in the fire. it was caused by an illegal campfire. in southern california firefighters are having a hard time getting the pilot fire under control. the fire is burning in the san bernardino mountains right near
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this area. it's just 6% contained this morning. temperatures in the 90's and expected to stay that way today. that would make it pretty difficult for firefighters to get the upper hand on this fire. so we are going to be tracking this and getting updates as we hopefully make progress. >> democrats are accusing donald trump openly encouraging violence against hillary clinton. >> with mary maloney, now explaining. >> donald trump made an appeal to his base, claiming that hillary clinton wants to take away the right to own guns. >> she wants to essentially abolish the second amendment. if she gets to pick her judges,
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there's nothing you can do folks. although, the second amendment people, maybe there is. >> the clinton campaign interpreted the off the cuffs comment as they threat. >> especially the presidency, the leadership of the country, should do anything to countenance violence. and that was what he was saying. >> secret service said it's aware of the situation. >> if someone else would have said that outside of the hall, he be back in the police wagon with the secret service questioning him. >> you have the power to do something about it. and what he met eye that was, you have the power to vote against her. you have the power to campaign against her. you have the power to speak against her. you know why rex because you
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are americans. >> meanwhile on the democratic side of things, the father of the orlando nightclub shooter was spotted at eight campaign event. using there in the red ball cap. a campaign official says that he wasn't invited and the campaign didn't know he was there until it was all over. he told reporters after the rally that he loves the united states. the south bay police are looking for a shooter that has been targeting people driving in their cars. there have been ten reported shootings in the last three months. the most recent happening on friday, police say all ten incidents happened between poughkeepsie and monterey roads. the people who live in the area say the shootings are alarming in this usually quiet neighborhood.
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>> fear, you know, for my family and other people. >> and there's a few more patrol cars and stationary watching the area. >> if it's just one person or multiple people, police are reaching out to people who live in the area by handing out flyers and asking people if they know anything about the olympics. >> the then he won his 20th gold medal earlier in the evening after placing first in the 200-meter butterfly. he also took in another gold medal as well for winning the 200-meter freestyle. >> and us women dominating
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gymnastics. the rush took silver and china to ron's. they now turn to the individual competition where simone miles is the second two in an all- around gold. china in second place with 17 metals followed by japan with 15. >> here's look the look at some of the major events going on today. first off we have kevin durant, clay thompson and the rest of the men's possible team taking on australia. st.mary's alum matthew del of the delta will be representing the teen and minced gymnastics all-around finals will be happening this afternoon as well along with the women's 25- meter butterfly finals. speaking of athletic
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events, all part of the 70th anniversary of the organization. little have live on more of today's event. >> we are inside finally, keys are stadium, three and half hours in the gates opening to the fans. so much going on right now and let me step aside and show me what they are doing to give this the ultimate fan experience. you can see some of the tents on the right side of your screen, they will have something for everybody. there's the goldrush tent, you can see, they will show you who among the legends and there are so many legends. they will meet and greet and sign autographs as well, and they will take the field and practice until about 1:00. so you get to see them practice with your own two eyes. this is the ninth practice.
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hopefully after today's practice, coach chip kelly will announce and out to the starting quarterback will be moving forward. right now and bert and kaepernick listed as co- starters. this is free, they started handing out tickets on july seventh zero my website. not sure if there are any tickets still available. i went there and maybe your better than me as far as going to the website. if not, they might just let you through. so much going on, and probably the most popular vendor will be at the coffee vendor. somewhere mark twain is saying because the coldest winter he said he ever had was a summer in san francisco, and i can attest. >> sure that he would take it. >> obviously it's very true. still to come, be seen this missing dog?
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the owner is offering a huge reward for his return. and many of us have been late for a flight but probably never thought of doing this. look at the sky. we will have this video coming up. we have some important information for parents.
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the time is now 7:14 a.m. >> since the 5:00 hour, it was a four car crash. you have a traffic alert in place. look at the long line of heavy traffic coming out there. the backup just continues to grow as more folks continue to grow. that's just north of cochran. see you may want to get off of the freeway coming out of morgan hill, and use old monterey road instead of 101. you don't have to deal with the backup. it's crawling 45 to 50 minutes from morgan hill to the guadalupe parkway. and that cleared, and it still
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jammed from the 286 and continues in pockets to the guadalupe bay parkway. 24 minutes is normal stop and go traffic. let's check in on the bay bridge. for those of you who need to drive into san francisco, we are starting at the foot of the maze, the little crowded on the suspension but overall not a bad commute. no major hotspots or problems, so it will be a 20 minutes drive from the oakland maze getting over to the westbound parkway. it's crowded and pockets, from hercules to oakland. and the caldecott tunnel is doing fine, 12 minutes drive from the walnut creek to the oakland maze. >> one back to the bay bridge shop, some of the overcast sky conditions, it starting to do a
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work in progress. there you see some clearing out, just starting to happen. models tell us we take care of that by high noon. although along the coast, we are still seeing some strings of clouds that may linger throughout much of the day. the return flow is in most of the communities beyond of the bay. we don't see a lot of cooling with that occurring, because we sought a nice little heat pop going on for antioch this morning. and future casts temperatures seem to get us into the upper 80's, and the some areas may graze near about 90 or so. along the east bay shoreline, topping off into the 70s. you can see colors filtering in but in places like antioch that is a four reach. half moon bay looking at 64 today, heavily a lot of those low-lying clouds hanging
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around. 82 san jose, and this is where the couple of 70s, and livermore about 87. we will look at about 85 for one creek and pleasanton at 86. these will be at the little warmer by the time we get to friday and on into the weekend. they temps in the mid- 70s. >> students in the peninsula have a new easier way to get there. for new bus routes launched this week. 18, 56, 61 and 81 will serve as schools. route 18 loss shuttle students between half moon bay and granada. and route number 81 is for students in menlo park in palo
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alto. for more information in a complete list of schedules, we have those on our website, >> the san jose say council has approved plans to build in and of watch memorial outside of police headquarters. the memorial will honor the cities fallen officers. that apart and has seen 13 officers killed in the line of duty and two of them were in the past 18 months. many people left flowers, notes and candles outside of the police administration building in the days following the death of those officers. and community made up of community members, officers and dyj=iñ the new memorial. happening today, the legal battle to evict 101 -year-old woman from her apartment continues. she's been living in the city's western edition for 15 years. the landlord try to evict her in march saying she has been living with family members and not in
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the apartment. the judge ruled in april that she could stay in the apartment as long as she pay the landlord's legal fees which exceeded $164,000. the owners of the apartment said they will drop the fees if canada allows two of the building turned into condos. right now delta airlines is expecting 90 more like cancellations globally before flight schedules return to normal. a power outage at its base in atlanta affected global computer problems. the company is protecting 90 cancellations today but the tracking service flight stats said they have seen about hundred 50 so far. the delayed flights left passengers stranded for hours and some having to camp out at the airport overnight. >> we are learning about the information about the death of
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a young google employee. she was found dead after going for a job while visiting her mother over the weekend. her body was found in a wooded area near her mother's home in princeton. police are saying her clothing was gone and her body was partially blocked. right now they are investigating whether she was sexually assaulted before she was killed. police do not know whether the murder was targeted or random and the killer is still on the list. >> take a look at this. we are getting a closer look at a smash and grab burglary in san francisco. this is a story that we brought you as breaking news. you can see the driver backing that van up to the side of this electronic store at fisherman's wharf. they then used a long metal pole as an battering ram to break open the door. for people got out of the car, brought bags in and stuffed
7:22 am
them for. >> ape police dog is back on duty this morning after recovering from being stabbed multiple times. it happened while the dog was trying to take down a suspect last month. shana the canine is doing much better after the suspect stabbed her over her head and body. shana was helping an officer take down a man who ran over a pedestrian. the man who handles her is recovering but the dog was deemed well enough to return to service. and it woman is offering a large reward for the return of her french bulldog, that the panel, who was last seen by her dog sitter about three months ago. they've been putting up flyers are in the community but someone keeps taking them down. they even hired a private investigator to try to find the dog. >> we spent thousands of dollars trying to get her back. we also hired eight but
7:23 am
detective with a sent tracking dog to see if they could, and it didn't work at all, but we contacted the leading pet psychic who has written seven books. >> the look dog was last seen wearing a collar with tags and also wearing a yellow nylon leash. >> it happened in the grant rea park in montebello. authority say the attacks began in late july when a teenage girl was bitten on the leg. and wildlife officials have shot for coyotes of the park and plan to kill others if they start attacking more people. >> the los angeles serial killer known as the grim sleeper is sentenced to be -- that to be
7:24 am
sentenced today. he was convicted of murder spanning more than two decades. they want unsolved for years until police realized only one killer was involved in made a greater effort to catch him. his defense team is seeking a new trial and we want to set the death sentence aside. >> coming up on the morning news, we update you on the murder of a college student who is playing pokimon go in san francisco. hear what they are saying about the killer. after this break, if you are an at&t customer, you could be getting some money back. we'll explain why.
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i wish i had like four different mexican cheeses but in one super melty cheese. it does exist! you still have two cheese wishes left. welcome back to the kron4 morning news. i tracking a hotspot in south san jose. we have two lanes of traffic blocked here, north 101 before coyote creek drive. the crash happened between 5:30 a.m. and 5:40 a.m. one vehicle flipped over and the two left lanes are bought. we will be at least 45 to 50 minutes from morgan hill to the waterloo pay waterloo pay parkway. >> this man decided it was a
7:27 am
good idea to chase has plane down on the tarmac. and the man managed to run past security and jump from the open gangway down on the tarmac. there you see him running toward the ryan airplane. you are not going to believe this. they actually let him on board. he was arrested when they landed, and then he was later released. thousands of at&t customers are set to receive a refund from the company. at&t allowed scammers to charge its customers $9 and month for directory assistance service that didn't even exist. at&t received a fee from the companies for each charge placed on the customers bill. >> i look at what is going on in downtown san francisco's. of course the fog in the
7:28 am
morning clouds are parting in the afternoon. we do have some clearing and breezy like conditions. we will have a look at what the rounded the bend when we continue. >> happening right now, the largest section of the old bay bridge is coming down. we will have a live report to tell you about what they are doing and how long it will take.
7:29 am
>> and that was the scene this morning here. rubber bullets were fired and a chase is coming to an end. it was a slow speed chase that lasted over three and hours and went over 40 and miles. it started in menlo park over
7:30 am
the early morning hours, over the san mateo bridge, up and the mac interstate 880 and, this was a three-hour chase. >> robin winston was tracking at the entire time as well. >> from the four to the 5:00 hour, it was incredible to see. it was a very slow speed on the freeway. >> i thought it would be over once they got off of the nemitz north, i thought it was a city street problem. this person got back on the freeway and started driving in the opposite direction. then they crashed in the nemitz freeway was a it of a problem. >> now we have some other problems out there.
7:31 am
>> now and overturned. leave early, fill up your gas tank and pack your patience. doesn't overturned in san jose that i've been telling you about, north 101 before coyote drive. this vehicle flipped over and there are at least four cars involved but they are waiting for the tow trucks to clear people out of the way. there's the long line of heavy traffic squeezing out of morgan hill, backed up well beyond that tenant drive exit, about 50 minutes from cochrane road up to the waterloo pay parkway. that will help you, and that's the only thing hotspot. it's crowded approaching the toll plaza backup to castro, but less than 15 minutes from the tolls. now with a look at your weather forecast, here's meteorologist
7:32 am
dave farrar. >> the sun is coming out, still it work in progress of the golden gate, fairly typical. you can see some light coming out there. your temperatures now are at 60 going on for oakland, 64 concord, and some of those inland temperatures were lost in the upper 60's apartment. even some lower 70s. negative two in san jose compared to everywhere this time yesterday but, pretty much in striking range, a degree or two. 73 by 11:00 a.m., bye 3:00 p.m. at 86 86 or so. some areas make it up to about 90, but we are looking for in much bigger warm-up in mortality beyond that. >> raking news, following too san jose. there's alert perimeter being set up by police officers, looking for two burglars who may have tried to break into the apple headquarters in cupertino. we will be heading over to see
7:33 am
and get more information as soon as we get it. >> the latest with the they bridge, the caltrans crews are moving the last of those tall trusses. >> it's the last step in the complete removal of the old span. jackie has a live look at the motion project. >> just a little trivia, this is the section between the tall tower that you see there and the other on the right-hand side, that was the section that collapsed and was the end of an era for this bay bridge which is slowly being dismantled today. that last trust will be lowered ered down onto a barge. once they get it down onto the barge, actually have to cut the
7:34 am
sections into three, because they have some obstacles in the water. they call those information huts, the little white things on the middle of the screen. so they have to cut that section into three and then have to barge it over. all in all, they expect this whole process may take two or three days. during that time the bike path along the new bay bridge will be completely shut down. ultimately the entire old section of the bay bridge, everything that we see here in this live shot will ultimately be taken down. that will take until 2018. the process has already started this morning. you can't really see any progress yet, they say it will provoke we be later on this morning or late this afternoon before you actually start to see it being lowered. but obviously this is a huge construction project that has been planned out by not only caltrans but also engineers from around the country. it is a big deal and they are marking it obviously today, the
7:35 am
last huge art being taken down on the bay bridge. >> in san francisco now, police still have no motive in the deadly shooting of ape promising baseball player from the bay area. 20 -year-old kevin rally was gunned down while playing pokimon go. he went on to play college ball at san joaquin delta college in stockton. his college team met up yesterday to take his jersey to his family. we spoke with some of his former friends who say he was a great guy. >> we got closer our freshman year of college than we did throughout the year. i was going through some rough times in january and i reached out to him, and he was there for me. i could talk to him everyday about anything i wanted to. >> police are still calling the shooting a random act of
7:36 am
violence. they have no discretion of the person who killed riley and unfortunately there were no surveillance cameras in the area where that shooting happened. >> a woman in florida was asked we killed by a police officer during a self-defense class. it happened in punta gorda which is south of tampa. the 73 -year-old woman was participating in a role playing scenario when she was mistakenly shot. she was taken to the hospital and later died. the officer has not been identified and is on administrative leave. the utility was found guilty on six criminal counts yesterday and the jury ruled that pg&e misled ntsb investigators after the pipeline blast that killed a people and destroyed 30 a homes. and that had to do with not properly assessing threats to the pipelines.
7:37 am
each charge carried in maximum fine of $12,000. >> and you want to give him message that you can't neglect your pipeline, low up your customers and sale along with profit as high as ever, but that is what will happen. >> pg&e said it is committed to earning the parts of customers. the city of san bruno will be going a news conference at 10:00 this morning to talk about this verdict. there's of promotion of the sonoma county sheriffs deputy. protesters will walk silently through the downtown market, and he was shot seven times as the
7:38 am
teenager walked down moreland avenue. he was carrying a pellet gun that resembled an assault rifle. so ahead, we are continuing to follow the latest with a car chase in an arrest. we will have more on the slow speed chase and more videos of the officer finally taking down the driver after a three-hour chase. and speaking of incredible video, why he is not fond of people taking his picture. plus, big wins for team usa in the olympics. plus, a us swimmer who gets his father the finger before each race.
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welcome back to the kron4 morning news. our hotspot in south san jose finally cleared. it was blocked for over two hours within multicar crash. one of those vehicles flipped over on 101 north of cochran. they have to get all of those two trucks out there to get the vehicles involved, so all lanes are open and the traffic alert was just canceled. do expect the backup coming out of morgan hill. it is backed up the owned san martine avenue so it's about a 35 or 40 minute trip just to get for morgan hill to the waterloo
7:42 am
guadalupe parkway. >> you have to see this. the woman was at a viewing tank where people can touch the dolphins. she was quickly able to get the ipad off of the floor. there was a voice over the intercom then that said dolphins can reach your loose items so don't leave them near the edge. so here's what's going on for the forecast for the oakland athletics. 7:05 7:05p.m., temperatures 50 -ish if you will. a cool breeze will be thrown in for good measure. meanwhile, east bay temperatures in the low 70s. a warm-up happens as we approach into the weekend. the kron4 morning news
7:43 am
continues. >> a recent survey shows
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>> in the east bay, it's been a deadly start to the august month in the city of hayward. four people have been killed, two in areas that are known to be frequented by gangs. this is a memorial where a 17 -year-old boy was shot and killed saturday night outside of a house party. one night earlier and less than 1 mile away, an 18 -year-old man was shot and killed while driving down a dating road.
7:56 am
neighbors spoke two kron4 expressing their frustration about the shootings. >> it's kind of ridiculous because the bay is one of the most expensive places in the united states to live and it can still be a dangerous place in the matter -- money can't buy you safety. >> two other deadly shootings happened last week. police arrested a woman accused of murdering her husband and is 63 -year-old man was charged with killing his younger brother. a.m. stranded dolphin that was spotted in shallow waters is likely dead. the marine mammal center said it's unlikely that the animal is still alive. the same dolphin is believed to have been spotted over the weekend in the same area. my life officials believe the animal entered the bay on its own and got sick or got lost.
7:57 am
they are extremely rare in the bay area. and here on the morning news, we continue to follow breaking news out of the south bay. major police activity after someone tried to break in to the headquarters. and a driver has been arrested after leading police on a three- hour slow speed chase. and republican presidential candidate donald trump under scrutiny after he appears to encourage people to shoot hillary clinton. here exactly what he says, ahead.
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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>robin winston: traffic in just a moment. >>reporter: their minor delays because of some of low-lying fog is a loss of blue the sun coming down good news on your travels if you're headed to the airport 61 the east bay shore line 58 for san jose 60 livermore, a 62
8:01 am
some of those in one spot to lofty a few hours ago in comparison they're pretty close to that with a degree or two even santa rosa on the - 1 by comparison 7785 by 4:00 for those in valleys that time will more in store for this friday on into the weekend. >>robin winston: your bay bridge commuters to san francisco if you need to get than sitting and slow traffic your approach is pretty backed up five it was that a slow and pockets in the west slope and stretches come out of san paolo a little cloud across the upper deck and to downtown not unusual to three minutes from the oakland a's getting to downtown san francisco took a look at the san mateo bridge coming up in the next report. >>mark: this is the senate from
8:02 am
the british news story four bullets fired and tense moments as a slow speed chase comes to and in the east bank this went through several highways and west oakland video the driver finally under arrest their tyrol and belfort's drive the chase lasted three hours in started in menlo park when police tried to pull over suspect the driver the driver led police over the san mateo bridge onto northbound 880 the driver now in custody we carry this for you live we told you about it if you have the mobile application it all was the latest breaking news there
8:03 am
was a primitive has been setup and but the park and camden avenue. >>james: police continue the search for the suspect we're headed to the scene who did a live report as soon as he sets up a signal. >>jackie sissel: the trust you see here connected to the smaller trucks on the right out of the section the joined the gave way during the loma creator earthquake and shut down the bay bridge and the have to do repairs today is coming down here is video from earlier this morning they same.
8:04 am
8:05 am
>>jackie sissel: as we said it would take several days the bike path on the new bay bridge will be shut down until the weekend when the work is basically done.
8:06 am
>>mark: 2.73. all there were felt about 30 minutes after the quake the 5.1 earthquake is capable of the significant damage there was only minor damage so far reported. >>mark: we have you covered when it comes to earthquakes >>james: is 20 percent contained
8:07 am
a fire burning near highway 53 in the late community and of the fire was burning right now near lake berryessa in knoxville rolled that fire has burned 25 a. so far and a third fire broke out where track in those three or wrongly, to the so called canyon fire has burned 14 a. and about 40 percent contained evacuation orders were issued for people lived in the clear lake area but were lifted late last night. >>james: is happening in yellow county east of lake berryessa 95 percent containment so far this morning fire fighters are still
8:08 am
trying to get the upper hand on the massive fire which is running between carmel in big sur in monterey county that fire has burned more than a hundred is the two of them on the fire in southern california.
8:09 am
>>mark: offering, i'm a big reward which you see what he did you not believe howe and then.
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>>james: she has been living in her apartment in the city's western addition she signed a lifetime lease in 2005 allow her to pay $700 a month as long as she lives with the landlord tried to evict person she is living with family members and neglected the apartment she can stay in her apartment as long as she pays the lambda legal fees which at this point is about hundred $64,000 their attorneys filed an appeal said have no right to impose those fees the honor of the apartments said they would drop the fees if she agreed to let the building turned into condominiums and ahead
8:13 am
>>mark: some even overnight is starting to peel off across much of the bay area still working out of the golden gate as the timber to also visit the seventh is the forecast the morning news will continue. the act ♪ ♪ this is the sweetest thing anyone's ever done. that one's from my friend caitlyn.
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>>reporter: we do have a wal- mart is a warm-up delayed for toward the north ease providing a little shelter until this high gets here into the weekend that is what we will go into all old
8:17 am
that will be replaced by 90s by the time we get to friday with some outlying areas and to 100 degrees and to look it what to the judge will do for today's 74 san the sale, also 7760 still fighting some of the cloud cover lower '80s cover a lot of the south bend 82 milpitas and santa clara the east bay shoreline and to seven this territory 88 for concord livermore 8780 go on for fremont
8:18 am
>>robin winston: usual crawl on 92 getting across the san mateo bridge stop and go from the tall vase all the way out to 101 and earlier accident after 92 in backed up traffic and all the rex's including the ride on the west about 92 on a to to five minutes from 880 over 210158 it was headed to the richmond san rafael bridge a minor backed up and some of the cache lines but and is looking much better. >>robin winston: it is starting to wind down as head over to the nimitz is backed up in both directions southbound high street wrapped up no longer blocking you consider the senses show heavy traffic noise about out of san leandro southbound on downtown oakland police for 980
8:19 am
take 580 instead of the nimitz freeway and the 30 minutes from 238 out to the 980 split. >>robin winston: south 680 also got the bad is because of an earlier crash at 84 split that cleared but a lot of slow traffic growing out of dublin is backed up into the and to change the 58680 split picked up after 84 not at all the way into fremont it is under 30 minutes from dublin out to mission south. >>mark: democrats are choosing donald trump if only encouraging violence against hillary clinton came out after a rally as today. >>reporter: donald trump made an appeal to his base repeating a claim that hillary clinton wants to talk with the ride to own guns the campaign interpreted
8:20 am
the off-the-cuff comments as a threat. >>reporter: the secret service said it is aware of the situation much from the downplays the remarked
8:21 am
>>mark: the call out him drop the controversial campaign. >>james: on the democratic side the father of the night club shooter was spotted at a campaign event in central florida we highlighted him that he was seen standing in the crowd behind clinton during the event they said that he was not an invited guest and he showed a with everyone else and they did not know he was there he told reporters that he loves the united states his son shot and killed 49 people back in june
8:22 am
during the campaign even expressed a for for the victims of that attack. >>mark: this happen while the dollar was try to take down a suspect last month the k-9 officer will all agree please the part she is doing much better after the suspect after all over her head and body she was hoping all such take down a man who ran over pedestrians the officer who and a heart is still recovering from head and leg injury the dog was will help enough to return to service yesterday he was last seen or heard a dog sitter about three weeks ago in the valley neighborhood the on a said the dead of fliers on the community but someone keeps taken down
8:23 am
>>james: was last seen wearing the pink collar she was also attached to a yellow nylon reach house of at&t customers are set to receive a refund from the company they're ordering the at&t paid nearly $8 million because of billing skim at&t received the fee from the company's free of charge at&t said they plan to send refunds checks out to customers within 90 days.
8:24 am
>>james: has been ordered to stay away from her and not contactor the lawyer says he was the case resolved as soon as possible still some fog and still a big tobacco we will have an a bay on the drive time we will be right back.
8:25 am
8:26 am
8:27 am
>>james: we first brought to you yesterday morning of the breaking news story the white van rolled backwards over the curb in the electronic shopping is right there on the left side of the screen that opened up the back of the door and took all long metal pole and use that as a battering ram after that four people got out into the store filled a bunch of banks and made off within the owners try to figure out what it got away with a man decided that this was
8:28 am
a good idea he was late for his flight to flight already pulled back from the gate. >>james: he tried to get into the truck with this guy in instead he started running across the tarmac this happened over the weekend again this is in the canary island of family cannot afford to miss the flight then the is sprinting toward the air plan that he was supposed to be wrong.
8:29 am
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8:31 am
>>reporter: 64 little more because we have better clearing the temperatures despite the next hour san jose and a contrast from yesterday pretty close agreed to in striking range a couple of degrees and and the north to bay is 77 aware of by noon at 4:85 as we revisit the opera is so high today maybe even a breeze by called low 90s there is a woman from the ban will talk about that
8:32 am
>>robin winston: the westbound ride is still pretty slow. >>mark: after a three hour slow speed chase rubber bullets fired at the chase comes to when and this happened to cross several highways in west oakland the driver finally arrested near
8:33 am
tunnel road in bay for strive the chase more than three hours and lasting more than 40 mi. and started in menlo park the pencil when it tried to pull over suspected driver the driver leading police over to san mateo bridge. >>mark: couch and riley was a star baseball player at a high school in san mateo. just as up his first year of college ball
8:34 am
one of his closest friend shares memories of the good times. they had to times >>reporter: they met at a swim party their freshman year high- school he was the new kid in town would complain football and riley playing baseball averell to the small school there are in the same circle of friends of the years. at the home to do market and another friend pull out of high school yearbook and relive the memories like how they got to see them who was a coach interact away from home since 6 this
8:35 am
>>reporter: it is not hard to see why such a selfless hard- working kid is missed by his old high school team i am hoping that me and his parents the closer than we were because they just lost a son so i would not mind filling that role for them. >>reporter: this case as a tough one their nose to venice cameras in that area where he was shot and killed no one was able to give a description of the killer from sunday night they're asking to hear from anyone who might have information from sunday night between 9:00 and 10:00. >>james: a woman in florida was accidentally killed by police officer during a self-defense class this happened yesterday
8:36 am
which is just out of temple they said the seventh real woman with participating in the role- playing self defense scenario was was mistakenly shot she was taken to the hospital was declared dead the officer who fired the weapon has not been identified yet and is on the minister leave at this investigation unfolds. >>mark: pg&e found guilty of a truck and the investigating a jury will now pg&e misled ntsb investigators after the pipeline blast that killed eight people and destroyed 38 homes the other five charges was convicted had to do if not properly assessing threats to large pipelines each charge carries a maximum fine of half a million dollars.
8:37 am
>>mark: the ginnie releasing up to record a statement saying in part it is committed to turning the trust of customers and providing sicklied managing >>james: he shot him seven times on october 22nd as the team was walking down outside the south was santa rosa he was carrying a pellet gun that was designed to resemble an actual assault rifle. >>mark: we will have an update in real a chance for uc-davis is
8:38 am
out what led to her resignation.
8:39 am
8:40 am
8:41 am
>>james: the salute restaurant% to close this long the mayor said the eviction is an act of retaliation at the proper is on a lost the measure seeking approval for new development project. >>mark: this came at the end of an investigation on the violations they had been on leave since late april and investigation was launched after
8:42 am
reports surfaced that the uc- davis and hire consultants, the bad publicity from this past spring incident. >>mark: many people will live in stockton show to show support for the mayor the there also pick was pressing the disapproval the strongly denies the charges they say it is time
8:43 am
for the city to move on. >>robin winston: 21 minutes of 880 october 01 coming up after the break we will she if it clears.
8:44 am
8:45 am
>>stanley roberts: this is russell he's been arrested for two reasons this operator fly
8:46 am
down a san francisco police sgt apparently had an unruly passenger the sergeant and a backer was quickly on the scene. >>stanley roberts: he would threaten to cut him for not picking him up in a timely matter something he denied the to be saved he claimed is to separate buses passed a mob overran to the front door bang for the operators to lead and in with the question is this the one to talk to maine so
8:47 am
basically it they do not stop for some people it claims there's a newspaper article to support his claim we asked if he threatened operative he again denied it they did ask the passengers but no one else heard the threat but to build the same side they're going to contain him until things can be sorted out for what it turns out he has a house-senate warned for traffic live issue solely was taken for any wind for the record the police and the tin violence against men in operators scarcely
8:48 am
>>reporter: we still have some faubus maligned how clouds the return flow by 11:00 tonight it covers a good portion of around the perimeter trying to tilt in some of those valleys late tonight with the real cool thing will get the warm-up yes is back
8:49 am
to the business it looks like the east of the shoreline and pretty much been on the '70s also the south in the '80s territory. >>mark: >>reporter: colors like a 70 stores 73 for 01764 hayward 80 for concord 85 from a creek 86 presence in fremont you my reach up to 80 in just a quick check of the north bay 82 for petaluma around the wine country and pretty much back on '80s they tend to hang in the mid-70s. >>robin winston: we just off the
8:50 am
phone would bridge crews and they told there were still on seemed working to clear spa was about 80 and harrison streets it is only blocking 19 but is not helping the ride the heavy traffic at the toll plaza has merged with the slow traffic coming out of oakland that is backed up to the west from 24 connector trying to get down to 580 over to 80 leading up to the bay bridge toll plaza. >>robin winston: it was clearing out about 10 minutes ago it is backing up again at the toll plaza on a to the western drive all round leading up to 580 west that is not bad moving well across the span of less than 15 minutes out to the 101 connector 20 minutes from antioch are to 242 that started to improve the drive times 25 minutes 80 west 20 minutes for
8:51 am
was 24. >>robin winston: 21 minute drive for 880 north from to 38 to the 980 split. >>mark: manager back in the dugout after a day in the hospital for the regular heartbeat no score until he hits an rbi double that made a one nothing riding call for coming out his historic seven hit game and struck out the rest of the giants and they lost two to nothing that now only 17 of the 23 games more importantly the giants seconde miami again this morning our time
8:52 am
>>james: he earned his first career win as oakland held on to one they won consecutive games for the first time since july but took on the orioles again tonight at the coliseum to the summer olympics is gold again for u.s. swimmer michael phelps after swimming in the anchor leg on the four by 200 m relay he won his 20th metal early on the evening after placing first in the 200 m butterfly he becomes the oldest a live into when gold for swimmer in a single event at is the third warm she took another gold medal for one of the 200 m freestyle the u.s. women dominating the gymnastics competition in the rest team usa
8:53 am
winning goal by more than nine points in the competition given to you as a second straight win and when the gymnastics it took silver and china brown's they turn to the individual competition where she is a heavy favorite to win the all-around gold >>mark: team usa 27 medals including 10 gold and silver and nine bronze china is in second place with 17 followed by japan with 14 >>james: here was a quick look for some of the major events basketball they're taken on australia former warrior sit here and say merit allow matthew the little old representing australia nasa team the individual gymnastics holon finals will be held this afternoon and the women's 200 also happening today more headlines on the way and we're
8:54 am
trying weather and traffic of live look at the san mateo bridge when you've been making delicious natural cheese for over 100 years like kraft has, you learn a lot about people's tastes. honey, what do you want for dinner tonight? oh whatever you're making. triple cheddar stuffed sliders. sold!
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>>james: they were arisen design for the military before being adapted for commercials every day use thousand at&t customers are set to receive a refund from the company they're ordering them to pay nearly $8 million because of a billing scam at&t allows them to charge customers $9 a month for directory assistance service the does not exist there received a fee from the company for each they say appliance to send refunds to consumers within the next 90 days. >>mark: the for title for or
8:57 am
meriden december his wife planned a 2 week trip to italy days before she was supposed to lead to lost a passport she stayed behind in the husband would on the trip anyway he sent a out of a self the minister took steps to get a do the past four but the only downside is she's a visa for the trip and she cannot get that before the honeymoon is over will been following the lead of the east meant driver arrested after leading police on the three hour 40 mi. chase will have more on where it started in show you the dramatic ending
8:58 am
8:59 am
>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>mark: out of san jose a large from of being settled by police officer looking for to burglars to make the decided to recommend
9:00 am
to the apple headquarters
9:01 am
>>reporter: the gain forecast for tonight first pitch temperatures 60 is still be dropping into the upper fifties clouds and fog roll back again and for just a cool breeze for good measure for the four past 81 by 1:00 a.m. by 5:00 p.m. and for '80s are expected for the forecast rise >>robin winston: stuff coming out of the may is the when you see here for and what toll plaza
9:02 am
spilling over to 580 west for those who need to get over to cupertino or los altos hills and i said a rapid of northbound 280 not a major hot spot blocking one lane the long line heavy traffic. >>mark: a slow speed chase that lasted for hours finally comes when and in the east than police firing beanbags police tried to
9:03 am
pull over suspected the wide driver they led police on the san mateo bridge onto northbound interstate 880 the driver is now in custody >>mark: he was 61 years old does according to espn chilton studios of play-by-play programming for espn covers college football basketball in the nhl for the network in addition to hankerings for center he was the host of the sports reporters he passed an unexpectedly at the age of 61.
9:04 am
>>mark: all lot of shaking in the north to bay a strong earthquake family counting of 5.1 earthquake in the interest of 4:00 last night when getting pictures of the damage mainly minor damage people will live in the area say they were shaken under certain conditions 510 magnitude earthquake.
9:05 am
>>mark: firefighters on the front line was several wildfires burning this morning three new fires in lake county you see the home that would destroy the by the largest of these three fires the fire burning near highway 53 in the lower leg community and is another fire call the box will fire that is burning near lake berryessa that burned 25 a. and there was a third fire burning out from the siegler canyon road
9:06 am
>>mark: it started last tuesday west of winters the fire burn nearly nine square miles and destroyed two buildings no buildings would threaten this morning because of that fire is still under investigation. >>mark: new picture from nasa released this morning shows the fire from space the firefighters to try to get the upper hand on this massive fire he openly
9:07 am
encouraged violence against hillary clinton during the rally he suggested the gun rights supporters might still find a way to stop her even if she's elected president. >>reporter: gonna try made an appeal to his base repeating a claim that hillary clinton wants to take away the rights on guns the clinton campaigned interpreted them off the call for comment as a threat this
9:08 am
sequence services is aware of the situation trump downplay the remarks. >>mark: enjoy and by the sergeant was santa clara sheriff's department >>: in was not apple headquarters said occurred in 420 this morning we learned the suspect vehicle was able to find
9:09 am
a vehicle on highway 85 we got into a short pursuit the vehicle was disabled at lancaster for all three suspects fled on foot were able to rest one of them to them or were in the neighborhood was a of the formidable we believe that our the perimeter >>: the suspect else apprehend it was not armed we did recover a stolen laptop inside the vehicle
9:10 am
>>mark: coming of these working and to the san francisco electronics store will show the new surveillance video before you got in this school supplies for your children
9:11 am
9:12 am
>>robin winston: the castle is on the right approach in the pain did not even back of overall the great ride across the span connecting with 101 less than 15 minutes we're getting ready for school and shopping for school supplies is expensive >>mark: excursus said the first cut is to set a budget in advance decide how much you can afford to spend you do not want to buy a tablet and run out of money for backpack do not buy everything right now and when the june back-to-school shopping so you would not get the best deals tried to hold out until the end of this month or even early next month when there are better deals finally shot with friends plan ahead and buy items in bulk to the eyes on wall
9:13 am
street after the game less than four points yesterday a modest loss with the down 26 we will have more on apple's new phone and the release date + y san francisco shares jumping 10%.
9:14 am
9:15 am
>>robin winston: if you need to get into the small area stop and
9:16 am
go not bad 23 minutes to listen south in fremont the guadalupe parkway pretty quiet if you have to leave lafayette get over to the oceanside jammed in the maze but only 16 minutes from 680 dublin to castro valley and that is looking pretty good no major trouble spot for the south bank 880 north from 280 up to 237 only 12 minutes. >>reporter: that is one to make for a nice warm week the coast will not be too much affected will get you well in the business of the '90s and here is the evaporation.
9:17 am
>>reporter: the '80s we go along the east bay shoreline pretty much expected to the '70s and then cooling back to the '50s and the most locations the far east evade the honorees the south bay for today's 74 san mateo floor is covered most of the south bay 82 going on these
9:18 am
will probably be in the '90s territory as we head into friday into the weekend early next week it's the middle to upper 90s story it will get you into the '70s not a lot of change. >>rob black:. it will be available couple weeks after that tried not to upgrade your
9:19 am
phone right now it will be better full rose you have to get new headphones it would tie into the lightning jack which is cool because land and jacks to do things visually that all components for instance you can have your heart rate can your temperature it will not be the only big as it announced.
9:20 am
>>rob black: when i was a child i dreamed of being on the price is right we do not want the jet skier you go to the and the ethics not you get a gold medal you get many of them you're going to get endorsements prize money the united states give us bonuses a gold medal is worth five are the $64 million a cell where three unidentified if. >>rob black: they can write off their coaching and equipment and
9:21 am
all the business write-offs illness is considered a hobby with interesting >>rob black: it is great to see where the next restaurant is
9:22 am
they hired a lot of people they saw 29% jump in sales that is significant and they earn the money for the $49,000 about 5 + years crossing deny this is canada and europe is one of the must have applications if you travel is pretty wonderful. >>rob black: in water the investments know because there's so many fashion is more about fast fashion they're dominating
9:23 am
and if you take look their stores doing more to go to a banana republic of the tech your shopping and a bazaar and egypt things are being thrown on the ground and on a table their stock in the tar is all wrong we will be right back.
9:24 am
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[snoring.] take the roar out of snore. yet another innovation only at a sleep number store. the family favorite. yoplait. well at least he's wearing shoes. well done champ. get gooey, flaky, happy. toaster strudel. >>mark: we talk about the poster baby weight and more on that on today's hollywood today life >>reporter: who knew that mark the stewed favorite drink is gin
9:26 am
and juice she is pardonable snoop dog for a new show on vh-1 is called a mark the and snoop departing it features mark scheerer breaking bread with a celebrity guest it premieres this fall in the oscar winner just got real about her poster baby body and gave birth to a baby in march when she posted this picture with the caption there was no shame and gaining weight during pregnancy or ever by this change by his grow by the strike is all of and we told you ghostbusters star from as intel got invited to the real olympics.
9:27 am
>>mark: catch a week days following law and order >>jackie sissel: coming up and a live report we would tell you what they are doing how long it will take to finish the job.
9:28 am
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>>reporter: you can see the fall killing always temperatures right now because you have and clearing speaking of the east bay shoreline oakland or seven is clearing mile to a cool afternoon depending on the prospect of wends we have the oddball location the breakdown for your 81 by 1:83 returning down after we see in and highs in the mid to upper 80s by the time we finished the week.
9:31 am
>>robin winston: it is still backed up traffic never really recovered we had about an hour ago was bound and harrison streets the gem of of the oakland side backed up on to 580 from 2424 that still creeping along from children's hospital howe had >>robin winston: no hot spots no traffic alerts for the south bay a little bit of crowding no. 85101 north still 24 minutes from 237 getting into the peninsula from 92 in san mateo. >>mark: this is just the next step and the complete removal of the old. bay old >>jackie sissel: it started to
9:32 am
work but they are to give you a point of reference the to see next to the small truck that is actual leave the section that gave way during the loma critter earthquake in 1989 obviously a very important part of the old bay bridge and is all going away today. >>jackie sissel: it is a mall today job they want to have to cut the truck into three separate sections that is because there some communications data on by at&t and other it's a very slow
9:33 am
process >>jackie sissel: ones that actually start moving it will be on the next couple of hours they can expect to see the truck moves at about 25 ft. and our is a very long process to the south
9:34 am
bay is were looking for a shooter >>reporter: jose police said the texas continue to conduct interviews and over evidence they recovered from these random shootings there were four between may and june they're
9:35 am
investigating an additional six that occur between july and august dissimilarities and alton incident that happened after midnight along the blossom hill corridor near poughkeepsie in monterey road. were the scare some people to live here and that is a very quiet neighborhood nothing ever happens around here until this police a reaching out to people who live in this area and they're asking people if they've seen all know anything about the shooting san francisco police have no motive in the deadly shooting. >>mark: 20 year-old calvin riley was gunned down while playing the game in san francisco car park over the weekend he was a
9:36 am
baseball star and high schools and the tale he went on to play college ball his high school team met to take his jersey to his family and a plan to have some very police the still calling the shooting of random act of violence. >>mark: they say they're no surveillance cameras in the area where the shooting happened. >>mark: the utility is found guilty on six criminal counts yesterday they ruled that they
9:37 am
misled the investigators after the pipeline blast that killed eight people each charge carries a maximum fine of half a million dollars. >>mark: they release the pri recorded statements saying impart their permitted some earning customers and provide safe clean energy the city of san ramon and told a news conference the stars and about 25 minutes that will be discussing the verdict this couple or rested after playing the game and how would land them behind bars.
9:38 am
9:39 am
9:40 am
>>robin winston: early commuters out of the way just a quick check of some drive times from to do a leaving cash about it and to the oakland a's. >>mark: prosecutors say they're facing one count of child abuse
9:41 am
the were arrested after a neighbor from the sun climbed outside of home it was barefoot and wearing a diaper and a teacher they told police they had originally got out to buy gas but they said it decided to go on a search they're taken custody of the child they spent over 90 more flight cancellations global before operation return to normal letter to them the company that predicted a 90 cancellations today the flight tracking service is already hundred and 50 cancellations in the thousands of passengers.
9:42 am
9:43 am
9:44 am
9:45 am
time for the world according to gary:presented by hershey >>mark: michael phelps at the ripe age at 31 is the oldest individual gold medal swimmer ever >>gary: i am surprised he is doing great i am driving home last night and i was listening to.
9:46 am
>>gary: in this day and age that is the first thing when someone who had a few years on them they said the same thing the guys and the good mood on tv.
9:47 am
>>gary: have never watch espn show? they had the picture and he said i like to watch michael phelps swim i do not care about him staring everyone keep showing that picture.
9:48 am
>>mark: when he was 8 years old his audacity to get in the mood and then since he was 8 years old and gives him the finger. >>gary: at 1145.
9:49 am
>>gary: normally i would say they plan ahead at 62 titans but now may be a better were read this is a trend not just a game or to.
9:50 am
>>mark: he is owed $96 million on his contract. >>gary: 1 the speculation was he was going to quit is fortunately we believe that the team we had texas and the trip in milwaukee he is insured.
9:51 am
>>mark: so green bay and green but they did not mean it that way they set in this saves. >>mark: that is the actual picture showing the pull of the way it looks right now he was a
9:52 am
really weird sign that is posted in the bathroom's giving of the guideline for what you can i cannot do in the lead in the village you cannot throw up but the bottom left one fishing you cannot fish in the toilet. >>mark: this is what is and all the rest rooms in the lymph a village do not fish that is the
9:53 am
new ruling thank you for joining us will be right back.
9:54 am
9:55 am
>>mark: the driver in police custody it lasted for three hours and span or 40 mi. and started on the peninsula in menlo park after it tried to stop a suspected driver to slow chase with over the san mateo bridge and ended in the oakland hills and then people in the north the bay are reporting that they felt a strong earthquake in the county was a 5.1 magnitude earthquake and just before 8:00 last night the record just a minor damage no ports safely many injuries it happened today
9:56 am
a major milestone in the old bay bridge demolition they're set to remove the last of the tallest trust them on the original east bomb spend of the bridge. >>mark: popular restaurant has been given 30 days' notice to shut down with the mayor is strong when back in the business selling the rest are being evicted out despite against the city the restaurant is set to close this for the property owners contractor says is a dangerous was bleak and in need to be clear out the repairs to be made with the mayor said the eviction is actually an act of retaliation after they lost about the measure seeking voter approval for a new development project. >>mark: the dolphin snatching
9:57 am
the phone calls high as she tried to snap shot it happen as sea world in orlando she was and of human tanker people can touch the dolphins she was quickly able to retrieve your the in the pavilion here are allowed speaker reminded people the dolphins can reach out and take your items and to see the full video. >>mark: is beautiful san francisco temperatures in the killing spots 90 and climbing well above the '90s as we head into the weekend. stay connected with our kron 4 mobile app,,facebook,and twitter feeds.dr phil coming up next have a great day see you tommorow at 4am. our next newscast is at 5:00 p.m. this evening
9:58 am
9:59 am
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>> announcer: today on "dr. phil." the hospital worker convicted of sexual assault. but he claims he was the one attacked. >> dr. phil: you said a female patient grabbed your pants. >> yes. pulled me towards her. >> i pushed myself away from her. >> i walked in the room and say jamison committing a sexual act. >> dr. phil: could this have happened the way he said? >> absolutely not. >> dr. phil: you said the curtain was pulled. it separated the two beds. >> it wasn't pulled. >> dr. phil: the charge nurse said you were acting very nervous. >> yes, i was nervous. i was caught off guard. i was grabbed. >> he was rattle because he was caught in a sex act. >> dr. phil: let's do it! >> have a good show, everybody. >> dr. phil: this a


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